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This website is an educational website for kids to learn more about all the countries that make up this amazing planet. There are over and at least 195 counties in the world, as there are some nations that are not officially recognised by all other nations and by the united nations, so it is kind of difficult to get a complete number.

Take a look at the home tab and a look through all of the other tabs above by continent to learn more about each country. Each country article includes Brief History, Flag History, Population, Geography, Climate, Key People, Languages, Sports, Culture, along with Facts and a Q&A.

There are not more than 200 countries in the world, well not yet anyway! That could change in time, as new countries do get recognised as times, and this will happen again. As of 2020 there are 193 official countries in the world, with another 2 noted as observer states. So, that brings it to 195. There are another 2 countries that some countries recognise, and some do not, so if they were to be included that would bring the figure to 197. So, what is the total number to get the answer?

Well, depending on the above, all the answers are correct in some way, so it is, 193 or 195 or 197! This website is dedicated to all 197 countries, with an article on each country to educate you on the following:

  • History

  • Flag History

  • Population

  • Geography

  • Climate

  • Key People

  • Languages

  • Sports

  • Facts

  • Q&A