Albania is a country on the continent of Europe

Brief History

Officially called the Republic of Albania, the country’s early history dates to over 50,000 years, where traces of villages with people have been found through fossilised bones. In the middle ages, Albania was part of the Roman Empire. The 12th and 13th centuries there was a takeover of the territory. After that, in around the 15th century, there was an invasion of the territory by the Ottoman Empire. This brought new changes and a new culture to the region. The Ottoman Empire also brought the religion of Islam. Albania gained its first independence with the fall of the Ottoman Empire. World War 2 came and saw Albania occupied. Albania then became a communist state from 1944 to 1991. Albania and its people struggled economically for a long period of time, however have since bounced back. As of 2019 the country is flourishing.

Albania Flag

National Flag

The national flag of Albania has a red background with a double headed eagle in the centre of the flag. The flag is called Flamuri Kombeta. The eagle represents the sovereign state gaining independence in 1912, with the background red standing for bravery. The flag has had several design changes, with the above flag as of 2019.


Albania is a small country in the southeast of Europe. Beautiful snow-capped mountains of the Albanian Alps, along with a beautiful coast on both the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, that flow into the Mediterranean Sea. Albania borders the countries of Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Greece.

World Land Mass Ranking. 143rd largest.
Highest Mountain. Korab. 2,764m. 9,068ft.
Longest River. Drin Drini. 177 miles. 285km.

Main Languages

Tosk and Gheg.

Albania Map

Albania Population: 2.8 million(as of 2019)
Capital City: Tirana.
Capital City Population: 0.5 million(as of 2019)


Seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Cold to the north and hot to the south in general depending on the season. Defined by 5 major climate types, Temperatures in the summer can reach mid 20 degrees C. (77 degrees F) Winters dropping in the -1 degrees C region. (30 degrees F)

Key People

Brief Albania
  • National Dish Albania Tavë Kosi


    The national dish of Albania is Tavë Kosi which is baked lamb and rice with a yogurt sauce. The rest of Albania’s cuisine is based on a Mediterranean diet.

    The picture is a picture of a typical Albanian dish.

  • Albania Sport


    Soccer and weightlifting are the most popular posts in Albania. Albania represents in each Olympics that takes place every four years, although as of the last Olympics in 2016, Albania is yet to win a medal.

    The picture is a picture of the Air Albania stadium in Tirana.

  • Golden Eagle The National Symbol Of Albania


    The Albanian culture is related to the main languages. Tosk and Gheg. The Tosk group to the south, with the Gheg to the north. Albania is home to many different religions. All religions are celebrated and embraced by the Albanian people. The eagle is the national symbol of Albania and is depicted by the double headed eagle on its national flag. The eagle stands for bravery, freedom and nobility.

    The picture is a picture of the Golden Eagle, the national symbol of Albania.

    Albania is a beautiful country with wonderful people.


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10 facts about Albania

1. Albania is called Shqiperi locally.


2. Mother Teresa is of Albanian decent.


3. The independence date of Albania is Nov 28th.


4. Albania is made up of 12 counties.


5. In 2014 Albania became a candidate for EU membership.


6. There is no Mc Donald’s in the Albania.


7. Most of Albania is covered by mountains.


8. Albania is a member of NATO.


9. The oldest lake in Europe is in Albania.


10. The general climate of Albania is mild temperate.

Q&A Corner

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