Algeria is a country on the continent of Africa

Brief History

Officially called the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, the country is the largest on the continent of Africa and is the largest Arab country in the world. Algeria is the 10th largest country in the world, so it’s a very big space. Early remnants of occupation in the what would have been Algeria date back over 200 thousand years to the first humans. Algeria is an ancient country and an ancient nation with a lot of history spread over thousands of years that has seen many empires over a long period of time occupy the land. From the ancient Numidians to the Carthaginians, to the Romans, Rustamid, Spaniards, Ottomans and most recently the French. France invaded Algeria in 1830 where they forced colonial rule on the people, that also saw mass migration into the country. From then up until recent times, Algeria saw war and conflict that ended in the liberation of the country in 1962. Relative peace for three decades civil war broke out in the 1990’s between the government Islamic rebels that last for more than a decade. Other 10 years after reform from the civil war, since 2010 to 2020 the country has seen peace and democracy in the region.

Algeria Flag

National Flag

The national flag of Algeria consists of a half and half green and white background, centred by a crescent and red star. The symbol represents Islam, which is the religion and faith of most of the population.


A very large country in north west Africa, Algeria is the largest country on the continent of Africa. Largely flat desert in the south west of central area of the country. The Atlas Mountains are to the north, with the Hoggar Mountains to the south. Algeria is a land of geographical contrast and is bordered by the countries of Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Libya and Tunisia.

World Land Mass Ranking. 11th largest.
Highest Mountain. Mount Tahat. 2,908m. 9,540ft.
Longest River. Chelif River. 430miles. 725km.



Main Languages

Arabic, Berber & French.

Algeria Map

Albania Population:42.7 million(as of 2019)
Capital City: Algiers.
Capital City Population: 5 million estimated.(as of 2019)


Hot temperatures in the day most of the year round, with cool, clear nights. To the north and north east of the country, rainfall throughout the year particularly on the coast. In the summer time inland, the country gets very hot, with temperatures over 40 degrees (110F) regularly, sometimes reaching 50 degrees (120F) Other seasons vary, but not much.

Key People

Brief Algeria
  • National Dish Of Algeria Couscous


    The unoffical national dish of Algeria is Couscous. Couscous is also a very popular food in other countries as Couscous is a side dish that is steamed semolina, kind of like rice but smaller and more refined. Most dishes in Algeria are usually made and served some sort of a cereal such as Couscous. This is due to cereals that are mass produced. There is also an abundance of delicious traditional breads, cakes and pastries.

    Left is a picture of a typical Algerian dish.

  • Algerian National Football Team


    Like many countries around the world, football (soccer) is the most popular sport in Algeria. Algeria compete in the African cup of nations every two years, and as of 2019 have won the cup once. The Algerian football team also represent well at the football world cup that is held every four years. The football team have represented in four world cups. The country has also produced some great players over the years, most notably footballing great Zinedine Zidane who was born and raised in France but is of Algerian decent. And Riyad Mahrez who as of 2019 is the captain of the national football team. (Pictured below front and centre) Algeria also represent well at the Olympic games and play are variant of chess called El Kherba, its more of a game, however popular.

    Left is a picture of the Algerian national football team.

  • Mosque Capital City Of Algiers


    The Algerian culture is diverse, incorporated in its cuisine, music, religion and overall lifestyle. The country is mainly Islamic. Islam is a beautiful religion and way of life and is ingrained in the Algerian people. Along with the traditional Arabic influence, the French culture is also a large influence in the country due to French occupation in the recent past.

    Left is a picture of a typical Mosque in the capital city of Algiers. Religion is a major part of Algeria’s culture.

    Algeria is a beautiful country with wonderful people.


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10 facts about Algeria

1. Over 80% of Algeria is covered in Desert.


2. Algeria is extremely hot, with its highest temperature over 51 degrees (124F).


3. Arabic and French are the most widely spoken languages in Algeria.


4. Algeria is the largest country in Africa.


5. Alegria is made up of 48 provinces.


6. The independence date of Algeria is Jol 5th.


7. There are 7 UNESCO world heritage sites in Algeria.


8. Algeria became part of France in 1848 for 114 years until its liberation in 1962.


9. The main export of Algeria is are fossil fuels.


10. Nearly 90% of Algeria is uninhabited.


Q&A Corner

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