Andorra is a country on the continent of Europe

Brief History

Officially known as the Principality of Andorra, this small European nation is nestled on the border between the countries of France and Spain and has been a country since the 10th century when the country was ruled by the Count of Urgell. In the 13th century due to a dispute, the territory was split between France and Spain, and in the 17th century, France taking co claim with the prince of Andorra. France and the French president from 17th to the 20th century assumed title over the land. In 1993, direct rule ended based on the introduction of a democratic parliament and appointment of the country’s own government. Andorra’s territory is mainly mountainous with the country famous for its beautiful landscapes and ski resorts.

Andorra Flag

National Flag

The national flag of Algeria consists of a half and half green and white background, centred by a crescent and red star. The symbol represents Islam, which is the religion and faith of most of the population.


One of the smallest countries in the Europe and in the entire world, Andorra is sandwiched right on the border between Spain and France, right in the Pyrenees mountains. The country is very mountainous based on where it’s situated, with the capital city wedged between a valley of a mountain in the eastern Pyrenees. Andorra is also made of many forests and valleys. Andorra consists of many lakes for its size, however few rivers.

World Land Mass Ranking. 198th largest.
Highest Mountain. Coma Pedrosa. 2,943m. 9,655ft.
Longest River. Gran Valira. 22miles. 35km.

Main Languages

Catalan (official) & Spanish.

Andorra Map

Andorra Population: 76,000 estimated.(as of 2019)
Capital City: Andorra La Vella.
Capital City Population: 22,000(as of 2011)


Andorra has a mixture of climates, such as continental and alpine. The country’s elevation brings more snow in the winter and cool to warm summers. Spring and Autumn bring average temperatures and do not tend to vary much.

Average Winter Temp: 2.5 degrees (36.5F)
Average Summer Temp: 25 degrees (77F)

Key People

Brief Andorra
  • Andorra Dish Catalonaion


    Escudella is said to be the national and main dish of Andorra. This catalonaion dish is a stew or a soup that is made up of meat and vegetables. The dish consists of a spicy soup, with the meat ground into a meat ball. The vegetables in the soup are usually carrots, cabbage and celery. The dish sometimes can consist of pasta.

    The picture is a picture of a typical Andorran dish.

  • Andorra National Football Team


    Andorra being a very mountains country, is famous for its participation in winter sports and are regular participants in the winter Olympics. There are also several other sports that are played in Andorra such as, Basketball, Football, also known a Soccer and Rugby. Rugby being one of the more traditional sports. Recently the country has embraced the sport of cricket.

    The picture is a scenic picture of the football stadium in Andorra, where the national football team play their games.

  • Andorra Traditional Dance Sardana


    The culture of Andorra and its people are ingrained in the cultures of its bordering countries that are Spain and France. Andorra’s main cultural influence is Catalan. Catalonia is a region currently in Spain that also borders Andorra. The culture has its own specific take on the Catalonian culture. The food culture is also like that of neighbouring countries, along with Italian cuisine, so it’s an all-round Mediterranean diet. There is also a folk-dance culture in Andorra, with many different types of dance. Andorra has several UNESCO world heritage sites in the Pyrenees mountains, that is in tune with the Andorran mountainous culture.

    The picture is a picture of a traditional dance called Sardana.


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10 facts about Andorra

1. Andorra La Vella is the highest capital city in Europe.


2. Andorra has a low death rate and a high life expectancy rate.


3. Andorra is a landlocked country.


4. Andorra is famous for skiing with many ski resorts.


5. There is no major airport in Andorra.


6. Andorra has never had its own major national currency.


7. While in Europe, Andorra is not a member of the European Union (EU).


8. There is no income tax in Andorra.


9. Andorra is one of the oldest countries in the world.


10. Andorra has no army.


Q&A Corner

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