Bahrain is a country located on the continent of Asia

Brief History

Bahrain was the site of the ancient Bronze Age civilization of Dilmun. It was an important trade center, linking trade routes between Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley as early as 5,000 years ago. Bahrain’s location has made it susceptible to being ruled by many different empires throughout history.  Bahrain was a part of the Persian empire from the 6th century BC to the 3rd century BC. It was later used as a pearl trading center by the Greeks, who named it Tylos. In the year 629, Bahrain embraced Islam, after which it was ruled through a representative of the prophet Muhammad. Bahrain later became part of the Qarmatian Republic, then the Uyunid dynasty, and then Usfurid and Jabrid dynasties. Bahrain was then ruled by the Portuguese and became a British protectorate in 1861. It wasn’t until 15 August 1971 that Bahrain gained its independence.

Bahrain Flag

National Flag

The national flag of Bahrain consists of a band of white on the left, and a red area on the right split by five triangles. The five points represent the five pillars of Islam. The red part of the flag represents the beliefs of the Bahraini people, and the white represents peace.


The Kingdom of Bahrain is an island nation in the Middle East. It is located just off the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia. Bahrain is an archipelago that consists of the main island, Al Bahrayn, and some smaller islands and islets. The majority of Bahrain is desert with low-lying rocky and sandy plains. It is a relatively flat country with no significant rivers or lakes. World Land Mass Ranking: 187th
Highest Mountain: Jabal ad Dukhan, 134 meters above sea level
Longest River: no major rivers

Main Languages

Arabic (official), English, Persian

Bahrain Map

Bahrain Population: 1.6 million (as of 2018)
Capital City: Manama
Capital City Population: about 157,000 (as of 2020)


Bahrain has an arid climate and has two seasons, a very hot summer and a somewhat mild winter. Because of its location in the Persian Gulf, humidity levels are usually high, except when winds blow from the interior of Arabia. Rain is scarce in Bahrain and is usually confined to the winter months. When it does rain, it comes in brief, torrential bursts.

Key People

Brief Bahrain
  • Cuisine

    The cuisine of Bahrain has influences from Arabic, Persian, Indian, Balochi, African, Far East, and European food. The traditional foods of Bahrain are fish, meat rice, and dates. One of the most popular dishes in Bahrain is Muhammar, which is a sweet rice dish seasoned with dates, molasses, and spices. It is usually eaten with grilled or fried fish. Another popular dish is machboos, which is fish or other meat served with rice. Falafel (a deep-fried ball of ground chickpeas) and Shawarma (lamb or chicken that has been spit-roasted for up to a day) are Arabian foods that are also common in Bahrain. The picture is a picture of chicken Machboos, a popular Bahraini dish.

  • Bahrain Sport


    The people of Bahrain play a variety of sports, the most popular being association football. Bahrain has its own top tier professional football league called the Bahraini Premier League. Besides football—basketball, track and field, and volleyball are popular. Horse riding and hunting are an important part of Bahraini history, and were the most common traditional pastimes. Equestrian sports are still popular today. Motorsport and Mixed Martial Arts are also common sports in Bahrain.The picture is a picture of the Bahrain football team

  • Culture

    The culture of Bahrain is similar to that of its Arab neighbors in the Persian Gulf region. The state religion of Bahrain is Islam, and the majority of Bahraini citizens are Muslim. Most of the Bahraini Muslims are Shiites, and along with Iraq and Iran is one of three countries where Shiites are the majority. Births and weddings are a big deal in Bahrain and call for large celebrations with many attendees. Literature and poetry written in the classic Arab style are a big part of Bahraini culture, as well as more contemporary works of literature and poetry. Storytelling and ceremonial dances are also common. Music in Bahrain is similar to that of its neighbors, Khaliji (a type of folk music) is popular in the country.The picture is a picture of traditional Bahraini basket weaving Bahrain is a beautiful country with wonderful people. Download questions about the Bahrain here: Bahrain (answers are on this page) For further reading and more info on the Benin visit

10 facts about Bahrain

1. The first oil in the Arabian Gulf was discovered in Bahrain.


2. Bahrain is an archipelago that consists of 33 islands.


3. The land area of Bahrain is just 295.5 square miles.


4. The average lifespan in Bahrain is 74 years.


5. Bahrain is well known for its oil industry.


6. Bahrain is home to a 400-year-old “Tree of Life.”


7. Bahrain’s pearl fisheries are praised for their antiquity.


8. The significant amount of food in Bahrain is imported.


9. Bahrain is home to more than 330 species of birds.


10. A surprising 92% of Bahrain is desert.


Q&A Corner

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