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  • Czech Republic – Climate

    6th of June 2023 05:40:57 AM

    The Czech Republic is situated between the oceanic and continental climate types and therefore has a transitional climate. The country has warm summers and cold and snowy winters--when the temperature is often below freezing.

  • Czech Republic – Geography

    6th of June 2023 05:28:12 AM

    The Czech Republic is a landlocked country located in Central Europe. It is bordered by Poland, Germany, Slovakia, and Austria. The country s almost entirely surrounded by mountains, and the interior consists of low hills and plateaus. World Land Mass Ranking: 118TH Highest Mountain: Snezka, 1603.3 m (5,260 ft) Longest…

  • Czech Republic -National Flag

    5th of June 2023 07:43:00 AM

    The Czech Republic was first inhabited by the Celts, who gave it the Latin name of Bohemia. In about 100 AD, the Germanic Marcomanni people conquered the area. The Czech Republic kept the design of the Czechoslovakian flag. It consists of a white stripe, a red stripe, and a blue…

  • Cyprus – Culture

    5th of June 2023 06:46:49 AM

    The Culture of Cyprus is divided between the southern Greek and the northern Turkish sections of the country. Turkish Cypriots maintain their own Turkish and Islamic culture, while the Greek Cypriots speak a dialect of Greek the keep traditions from Greece. Both groups share a love of good hospitality and…

  • Cyprus – Sports

    26th of May 2023 10:27:15 AM

    The most popular sport in Cyprus is football, which was introduced to the island in the early 20th century by the British. Other common sports in Cyprus include golf, horseback riding, cycling, and tennis. Other sports that are popular in Cyprus have to do with the island's geography and climate.…