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  • CUBA – National Flag

    28th of September 2022 10:00:50 AM

    The National Flag of Cuba was officially adopted on May 20, 1902, but it was designed by Narciso Lopez in 1849. The three blue stripes represent the three original Cuban provinces, and the red triangle stands for equality and freedom.  

  • Belize – Culture

    27th of September 2022 06:51:34 AM

    Many different ethnic groups, including Creole, European, Garifuna, Asian, Mayan, Mestizo, and East Indian live in Belize, making the culture very diverse. Each of these very different cultures has its own things to add to Belize, making it unique. Belize has more in common with its Caribbean Island neighbors than…

  • Belize – Sports

    24th of September 2022 10:26:43 AM

    Although Belize is not highly involved in many professional sports competitions (Partly for financial reasons), sport is still an important part of life. Football is considered the most popular sport in Belize and is also the national sport. Other popular sports are basketball, cycling, softball, volleyball, cricket, rugby, and track…

  • Belize – Cuisine

    23rd of September 2022 11:58:22 AM

    The cuisine of Belize is diverse, with influences from African, Caribbean, and Mayan foods. The type of cuisine also depends on the location in Belize, whether it is more coastal or inland. The majority of Belizian dishes are made with fresh and organic food. Breakfast is an important meal in…

  • Belize – Climate

    22nd of September 2022 11:43:29 AM

    Belize has a subtropical climate with two seasons, rain and dry. The best time of year to visit Belize is during the dry season, which is between January and May. It is typically both hot and humid year-round in Belize. Temperatures are pretty consistent, usually varying only about 5 degrees…