Central African Republic

Central African Republic is a country on the continent of Africa

Brief History

The first groups of people to live in the area that is now the Central African Republic, or CAR, were nomadic and farmed and fished for a living. The CAR was first settled in the 7th century by a number of empires, including the Baguirmi, the Ouaddai, and the Dafour. During the 16th and 17th centuries, Muslim slave traders began to raid the area, capturing people to ship to various places, including the Mediterranean coast, Europe, and Arabia. Europeans arrived in the Central African Republic in 1885. After spending years in an effort to own all of Central Africa, France gained control of the CAR area in 1903. The area that is now CAR became a territory of the Federation of French Equatorial Africa. After WWII, France began an effort to give independence to all French territories in Central Africa. As a result, the Central African Republic gained its independence on December 1, 1958.

National Flag

The national flag of the Central African Republic was adopted in 1958, the same year of the country’s independence. It has retained the original striped design since then.


The Central African Republic is a landlocked nation located in the centre of the African continent. Most of the country is made up of flat savannah and hills. In the northwest region of the county, there is a granite plateau known as the Karre Mountains. About 8% of the country is forested.


World Land Mass Ranking: 43rd.


Highest Mountain: Mont Ngaoui, 1,410 m (4,625 ft)


Longest River: Ubangi River, 1,059 km. (658 mi.)

Main Languages

French and Sangho

Central African Republic Population: 4.7 million (as of 2019)
Capital City: Bangui
Capital City Population: 800,900 (as of 2020)


The Central African Republic has a tropical climate and is hot year-round. The country receives abundant rainfall, and the rainiest months are from May to October in the south and from July to September in the centre-north. During these months the rains can cause flooding. The country also has a short dry season during the winter.

Key People

  • Cuisine

    Since meat is rare in the Central African Republic, most people live off of what they grow and gather from the land. Common agriculture in the CAR includes sorghum, millet, cassava, yam, banana, okra, and rice. Stewed greens, including spinach and kale, are also common. Roadside stalls can be found selling sandwiches and baked goods. Fish, peanuts, and insects are the most accessible sources of protein in the CAR.

    The picture is a picture of a woman harvesting and transporting cassava.

  • Sports

    Like many other countries, football is the most popular sport in the Central African Republic. Football is especially common among youth, and many schools and small villages have a makeshift football field for kids to play at. Since competing in the 1984 Olympic games, the CAR has participated in all of the following summer Olympics.

    The picture is a picture of the Central African Republic national football team.

  • Culture

    The people of the Central African Republic are made up of many ethnic groups, mainly the Bwaka, Madjia, Baya, and Banda. The majority of these people are farmers. About 25% of the population is Roman Catholic, another 25% are Protestants, and 15% are Muslims. The remaining group has retained their indigenous religions. Culture is an important aspect of life in the Central African Republic and is evident in clothing, music, and traditions.

    The picture is a picture of Fula women in Paoua.




    The Central African Republic is a beautiful country with wonderful people.


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10 facts about Central African Republic

1. The CAR is home to some of the world’s most valuable resources.


2. The literacy rate in the CAR is 56%.


3. The CAR is divided into over 80 different ethnic groups.


4. The CAR is one of the 10 poorest countries in the world.


5. The world’s second-largest rainforest is partially in the CAR.


6. The life expectancy in the CAR is just 52.8 years.


7. The CAR is a totally landlocked country.


8. The African Elephant is the national animal of the CAR.


9. The CAR has 5 national parks.


10. The CAR is exceptionally rich in biodiversity.


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