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  • Countries For Kids

    There are over and at least 195 countries in the world, as there are some nations that are not officially recognized by all other nations and by the United Nations. So it is kind of difficult to get a complete number. Each country article includes Brief History, Flag History, Population…

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  • Cuba

    Brief History The first settlers of Cuba were the Guanahatabey, Ciboney  and Taino people. Christopher Columbus was the first European to reach Cuba in 1492, and he claimed the land for Spain. In 1511, Diego Velasquez conquered Cuba and founded several settlements. Many of the native people died of European…

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  • Costa Rica

    Brief History The first indigenous people living in Costa Rica were hunters and gatherers. In 1502, Christopher Columbus sighted Costa Rica during his last trip to the Americas. The Spanish gradually conquered the area, and in 1563 the city of Cartago became the first permanent settlement. Spaniards assumed that the…

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  • Croatia

    Brief History Not much is known about the earliest inhabitants of Croatia, except that they farmed with stone tools. In 1000 BC, the area was settled by Illyrian tribes. Then in the 4th century BC, Greeks conquered parts of present-day Croatia. Following this, the Romans gradually took over Croatia, and…

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  • Caspian sea

    Freestyle wrestling has often been regarded as the national sport of Azerbaijan. Although wrestling is a historically important sport in Azerbaijan, the most popular sports are actually football and chess. Water sports are popular in areas next to the Caspian sea. Many other sports are also popular, such as judo,…

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  • Cricket is the most popular sport in Barbados

    Cricket is the most popular sport in Barbados, and is also the national sport. Many great Cricketers have been from Barbados including Garfield Sobers, Frank Worrell, and Everton Weekes. The year-round sunny climate in Barbados makes it a popular place to play Golf. There is even a world-class golf course in Royal Westmoreland.…

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  • Congo

    The Republic of Congo (Congo-Brazzaville) was first inhabited by Pygmies, whose culture was eventually replaced by Bantu tribes. The main tribe was a group called the Kongo, who established several kingdoms along the Congo River. Portuguese explorers were the first Europeans to arrive in Congo. Unfortunately, the Portuguese began to…

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  • Christopher Colombus

    As early as 300 to 400 AD, people from Cuba migrated to The Bahamas and lived on seafood. Then from around 900-1500 AD, the Lucayan people settled on the islands. When Christopher Colombus arrived in the New World in 1492, there were about 40,000 Lucayans residing in The Bahamas. Within…

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  • Count of Urgell

    Officially known as the Principality of Andorra, this small European nation is nestled on the border between the countries of France and Spain and has been a country since the 10th century when the country was ruled by the Count of Urgell. Read more-

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  • Civilization of Dilmun

    Bahrain was the site of the ancient Bronze Age civilization of Dilmun. It was an important trade center, linking trade routes between Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley as early as 5,000 years ago. Bahrain’s location has made it susceptible to being ruled by many different empires throughout history. READ MORE!

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  • Comoros

    Comoros is a group of islands off the east coast of Africa. These islands are believed to be the first place of contact between Asian and African people. The islands were inhabited by a variety of people over centuries and were first discovered by Europeans in 1505. The Portuguese were…

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  • Colombia

    Brief History Colombia has been inhabited for almost 12,000 years, and the first people developed small hunter-gatherer societies. The two main civilizations were the Tairona and the Muisca, which were organized into tribes and ruled by a chief. The Spanish arrived on Colombian soil in 1499 and built their first…

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  • China

    Brief History For much of China’s history, the area was ruled by various dynasties. A dynasty is a succession of rulers from the same family. The Xia dynasty, which was formed somewhere around 2250 BC, is believed to be the first. Following the Xia dynasty was the Shang dynasty, which…

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  • Chile

    Brief History The area that is now Chile has been occupied for as many as 10,000 years. Before being discovered by the Europeans, Chile was inhabited by different groups of Tribal Native Americans, including the Inca. By the 16th century, Spanish conquistadors began to colonize Chile. In 1808, Spain was…

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  • Chad

    The history of Chad is long and complex. The area that is now Chad is believed to be one of the places from where the human species originated; and it has been settled from as long as 6000 B.C. The earliest known civilization in Chad was a group called the…

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  • Central African Republic

    Brief History The first groups of people to live in the area that is now the Central African Republic, or CAR, were nomadic and farmed and fished for a living. The CAR was first settled in the 7th century by a number of empires, including the Baguirmi, the Ouaddai, and…

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  • Canada

    Brief History The land that is now Canada was first home to indigenous peoples who lived off of the land. The first Europeans to discover Canada were the Vikings when in 1001 Leif Ericksson landed and named the area Vinland. The Vikings had to later leave their established colony because…

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  • Cameroon

    Brief History The earliest inhabitants of Cameroon were the Baka, who were hunters and gatherers. Descendants of the Baka people still live in the dense forests of Cameroon’s southern and eastern provinces. The first Europeans to arrive in Cameroon were Portuguese explorers and traders in the 15th century. They arrived…

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  • Cambodia

    Brief History From 900 to 1400 AD the area that is now Cambodia was under the rule of the Khmer Kingdom. This society was very agricultural, and most citizens were farmers or craftsmen. In 1431 the capital of Cambodia was captured by the Thai people, causing the capital to be…

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  • Cape Verde

    Brief History The recorded history of Cabo Verde began when the Portuguese discovered the country in 1456. The islands were uninhabited, and the Portuguese established their initial settlement on the island of Santiago, which was the first European settlement in the tropics.  They named the country Cabo Verde (Cape Verde).…

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