Country Posts : Letter H

  • History of Argentina

    Officially known as Republica Argentina in Spanish, Argentina has a long history, dating way back to the Palaeolithic period, to when there was the first recording of a human presence. By the time the Spanish came to conquer in the early 16th century there was not the native people roaming…

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  • History of Albania

    Officially called the Republic of Albania, the country’s early history dates to over 50,000 years, where traces of villages with people have been found through fossilised bones. In the middle ages, Albania was the part of the Roman Empire. The 12th and 13th centuries there was a takeover of the…

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  • History of Armenia

    Armenia is around 3500 years old, making it one of the oldest countries in the world. The oldest known ancestors of the Armenian people, the Hayasa- Azzy tribes came from the highlands in western Asia. Around 3000 years ago, an Indo-European group called the Armens immigrated to Armenia from the…

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  • History of Costa Rica

    The first indigeneous people living in Costa Rica were hunters and gatherers. In 1502 Christopher Colombus sighted Costa Rica during his last trip to the Americas. The Spanish gradually conquered the area, and in 1563 the city of Cartago become the first permanent settlement .It is known for it’s long…

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  • Hoggar Mountains

    A very large country in North West Africa, Algeria is the largest country on the continent of Africa. Largely flat desert in the south west of central area of the country. The Atlas Mountains are to the north, with the Hoggar Mountains to the south. Algeria is a land of…

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  • Historically

    Evidence of human life in the area that is now Belarus, goes back to the Stone Age. Historically we know that the Eastern Slavs from the Krivichi, Dregovichi, and Radimichi tribes arrived there from the 6th to the 8th centuries. Know more here

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