Country Posts : Letter L

  • Leeward Islands and West Indies cricket teams

    The national and main sport of Antigua and Barbuda is cricket. What else would it be really, as the people of this island nation in the Caribbean just adore Cricket. They are obsessed. There is a national cricket team, but also many islanders play cricket for Leeward Islands and West…

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  • Largest Countries in Africa

    One of the largest countries in Africa, bordering with Zambia, Namibia and the Congo countries, Angola is situated on the western Atlantic coast of central Africa. Combined coastal lowlands, hills, mountains and high plateau’s, Angola has a varied terrain. The Atlantic Ocean lies to the west coast of the country.…

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  • Los Barbados

    The first indigenous inhabitants of Barbados were the Amerindians who had come from Venezuela. They were called the Arawaks, and in 1200 they were conquered by the Caribs. Later Portuguese came to Barbados from Brazil, they called the island Los Barbados (bearded-ones) presumably because the islands fig trees had a…

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