Firming Democratic Governance in Georgia

Tetra Tech aided the Government of Georgia in strengthening transparency and effectiveness of governance by improving policy making and public administration, and strengthening parliamentary oversight, and increasing civic engagement.

Over the last two decades, the Government of Georgia has taken great strides toward strengthening democracy by reforming the transparency and effectiveness of its government institutions. Nonetheless, significant reforms have lingered sluggish due to external challenges or crises, political barriers, and the complications of building effective, responsive,and modern governance systems at the central and local level.

Between 2015 and 2022, Tetra Tech worked closely with Georgian partners at the localand central level to build transparent, accountable, resilient, and effective governance systems. Through U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)fundedgood governance initiative (GGI), Tetra Tech worked in collaboration with partners at the central level and in 27 municipalities across Georgia to:

  • Improve financial and administrative management of government institutions, including Parliament
  • Enhance the openness of government
  • Strengthen law-making processes and policy development
  • Back institutional oversight

Led since 2018 by an all-Georgian team of experts, Tetra Tech made telling and sustainable contributions to Georgia’s democratic development. Recognizing the fact that a stable, professional, and independent, civil service buttresses all other government functions, GGI provided technical aid, training, and mentoring support to transform the Civil Service Bureau. To augment transparency and citizen participation in government, GGI supported the Government of Georgia’s labours to create and institutionalize transparent and efficient oversight systems at both the parliamentary and local government level. Tetra Tech helped develop an inventive, web-based budget monitoring platform that tracks public expenditure and introduced participatory budgeting to enhance public financial management across several municipalities.

A hallmark of GGI’s approach for sustainable results was to back and expand prevailing commitments of counterparts and partners across local and national governments, better positioning Georgia’s participation in the OGP (Open Government Partnership)—a global initiative committed to making governments open, accountable, and more amenable to citizens. Since inception, GGI buttressed Georgia’s counterparts to identify ambitious yet realisable OGP commitments. With GGI’s aid, they have made substantive commitments and have joined a framework that will offer backing and accountability long after the program closes.

What is GGI?

The GGI (Good Governance Initiative) in Georgia strengthens the overall accountability, transparency, and effectiveness of governance in Georgia, including within the legislative branch and different levels of the executive branch. Initially, the period of performance for GGI was January 2015–January 2020. In December 2019, Tetra Tech ARD was awarded a costed modification which extended the duration of performance until July 2021. The contract was once again extended by 9 months in the fall of 2020.

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